The Deconstructed House
2041 Bolton Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Tuesday:     Call 404-955-0532 for Appointment

Friday:       10am-5pm

Saturday:   10am-5pm

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The Deconstructed House DOES NOT purchase salvage or offer consignment at this time. 
Salvage credit available when contracted for demolition and/or deconstructed services only.

Direct:  404-955-0532

Email:  design@thedeconstructedhouse.com

The Deconstructed House reclaims reusable and salvaged building materials, architectural elements, furnishings, vintage bricks and decorative accents. Pre-demolition salvage practiced by our demolition and deconstruction services results in the diversion of reusable building materials from landfills. Documentation of material reuse and recycling is available for LEED projects in the metro Atlanta area.

We currently have a selection of vintage doors (five panel, six panel, four panel and more!), period exterior and interior doors, antique screen doors, antique doors, vintage hardware, antique and vintage furniture, antique collectibles, vintage lighting fixtures, interior trim pieces, antique mantels, vintage sinks, vintage bathtubs, colored sinks, colored toilets, antique plumbing fixtures, vintage appliances, old 2'x6's, old siding, vintage bricks, granite blocks, and antique pavers.  

All inventory items are available as prop rentals for the movie production folks. Our items have been featured in films and television currently in productions. We are a member of the Georgia Production Partnership and encourage set designers to make appointments to view our inventory.  Our previous clients include set crews for Flight, Prisoners, The Walking Dead, The Originals, The Property Brothers, Constantine, Cell, Selma, Vacation, and more. 

Salvaged wood kiln sanitizing services coming soon! Call for salvaged wood inventory and availability.

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Vintage Bricks for local Atlanta masonry contractors, Home Remodelers, and DIY Homeowners can be found at 
Vintage Bricks

Reclaimed Cut Granite Blocks for local Atlanta masonry contractors, Home Remodelers, and DIY Homeowners can be found at 
Reclaimed Granite Blocks

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